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Jimmy Campbell Limited, 32 Parsons Green Lane, Fulham, SW6 4HS
Tel: 020 7610 9321

At Jimmy Campbell salons, you’ll be lavished with TLC... that’s how much we care.

Whatever your hair type whether European, Afro or Asian our highly qualified and creative stylists will give you a style you’ll love in a relaxed, contemporary and positively multicultural environment.

With bespoke hair care solutions, selected from our wide range of products, Jimmy Campbell’s TLC will keep working for you between visits.


The most exciting development in the field of hair care and styling.... works on all hair types.

The revolutionary Nanokeratin System redefines the natural state of your hair and creates an enduring blowdry lasting up to 16 weeks.

Nanokeratin System has been designed to suit different hair types and colours and is especially beneficial for damaged hair

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Revitalize your hair from root to tip with one our wonderfully effective Hair Treatments.

Our experienced staff assess the condition of each client’s hair individually to ensure that the most appropriate Treatment is used in every case.
For all of you with weather-worn, stressed or coloured hair here’s the perfect opportunity to inject new life, shine and volume into your hair!

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Our Fulham Salon has introduced a brand new beauty room to their repertoire of facilities.

These treatments will be performed by our highly experienced Beauty therapist, Eleesher Sandy. We will be offering a wide selection of beauty treatments from massage to hair removal.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup

LONG-TIME-LINER® is the world’s leading provider in Semi-Permanent makeup technology

Our semi-permanent makeup technicians, LINERGISTs®, require intensive training and immense skill to be certified to use this method, device and pigmentation colours to ensure the finest level of semi-permanent pigmentation for Eyebrows, Eyeliner and Lips.

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Colorist of the Year

Hair Colorist Award

Jimmy Campbell London has seen off stiff competition to be awarded ‘Colourist of the Year’ at the Black Beauty Sensational Hair Awards 2010. Talented stylists from across the country showcased their impressive designs but Valerie Wallace entry clearly wowed the judges to clinch the title.

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Gift Vouchers Available!

Gift Vouchers available

The perfect way to treat yourself or a loved one!


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